What does it take to play to your full potential?

Sure, you have to eat well and train hard.
You have to study plays and understand strategy.
You have to show up for yourself and your teammates.

But in the end, it takes more than just hard work to be the best that you can be.
Having the right equipment matters, and your uniform is no exception.

For too long, baggy sleeves, rolled waistbands, and tucked-in jerseys have been trademarks of womxn’s ultimate apparel. Why? Because traditional ultimate brands don’t make uniforms that cater to all body types. Athletes who fall between standard sizes don’t have access to uniforms that truly fit, and that’s holding them back.

At Full Circle, we believe womxn deserve better than that. Our mission is to help womxn in the ultimate community realize their full potential and celebrate their unique body types by providing them with uniforms that fit better, feel better, and perform better than anything else on the market.

Measured to real ultimate players, our uniforms come in multiple cuts, lengths, and sizes, offering a cut for every cutter (and handler, too!). We use a top-quality, lightweight polyester fabric that’s guaranteed to keep you cool and dry – even on the hottest tournament days.

Looking to the future, Full Circle aims to set a new standard for womxn’s ultimate apparel – one that allows all womxn to play comfortably and confidently, regardless of their shape or size. Our goal is to one day create a line of jerseys that’s as diverse as the womxn’s ultimate community itself, so that every player has the power to realize their full potential.