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Design Tips

Vector Editing (Illustrator/Inkscape):

To ensure consistent placement of graphics, it’s best to edit the Symbols included in the .AI/.SVG file – Design elements placed on the Front and Back “Design” symbols will scale based on the size of each jersey, items on the Front and Back “Names and Numbers” symbols will retain consistent size and placement across each jersey. This can be important if you are designing to meet USAU design guidelines for the college or club series.

Pixel Editing (Photoshop/GIMP/etc)

Generally, photographic images should be at 300 DPI in order to print nicely. Upscaled may appear chunky or pixelated.


It is best to use PANTONE colors to ensure the most accurate color matching. Unfortunately, differences between monitors, cameras, and lighting environments can make it difficult to accurately match two colors without a well-known color reference.

If you aren’t using PANTONE colors, it’s best to use CMYK color mode in your editing program.

Custom fonts:

Feel free to use any custom font you wish in your designs. Do not convert them to curves for any variable element like names or numbers and be sure to notify us of what fonts your using. Full Circle likes to grab free fonts from abstractfonts.com, although any source you prefer is fine too.